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Fire and rescue incident statistics

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  • Release date: 21 August 2018
  • Period covered: 2017-18
Data on fires, location, cause, motive, casualties and false alarms and Special Service Incidents (SSIs) attended.

Key points 


  • In 2017-18 the number of fires attended by Welsh Fire and Rescue Authorities increased by 3 per cent compared with the previous year. Since 2001-02 there has been a downward trend in the number of fires attended; the 2017-18 figure is 69 per cent lower than in 2001-02.
  • The number of primary fires in Wales decreased by 9 per cent over the year from 4,757 in 2016-17 to 4,315 in 2017-18. Primary fires include all fires in non-derelict buildings and vehicles or in outdoor structures, or any fire involving casualties or rescues, or fires attended by five or more appliances.
  • In 2017-18 the number of secondary fires rose by 13 per cent compared with 2016-17, and grassland, woodland and crop fires rose by 22 per cent over the same period.


  • There were 15 fatal casualties from fires in Wales in 2017-18.
  • The number of non-fatal casualties was 526 in 2017-18, a decrease of 15 per cent compared with 2016-17. This decrease was largely due to a fall of 24 per cent in those people receiving first aid or sent for precautionary checks.

False alarms

  • In 2017-18 there were 14,161 false fire alarms in Wales, down from 14,790 in 2016-17, a decrease of 4 per cent.
  • The number of malicious false fire alarms decreased from 441 in 2016-17 to 419 in 2017-18.

Special Service Incidents (SSIs)

  • Fire and Rescue Authorities in Wales attended 11,583 SSIs (including false alarms) in 2017-18, a 1 per cent decrease on 2016-17.

Smoke alarms

  • In 3 in 10 dwelling fires in Wales in 2017-18, no smoke alarm was installed.

Cause of fires

  • In 2017-18 the largest single cause of accidental dwelling fires was misuse of equipment or appliances, equating to 32 per cent. This has consistently been the main cause of accidental dwelling fires since 2001-02.

Response times

  • In 2017-18, 63 per cent of primary fires and 71 per cent of dwelling fires in Wales were attended within 10 minutes.

Further information

Key results and StatsWales data are published biannually and a report will be published annually.


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