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Fire and rescue authority performance

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  • Release date: 20 September 2018
  • Period covered: 2017-18
An annual report which Includes information on fires attended, casualties due to fires, false alarms, Special Service Incidents and contained dwelling fires.

Key points

  • There were 11,005 fires attended by the FRAs in Wales, equating to 35 fires per 10,000 population. This is an increase of 2 per cent compared with 2016-17. Since responsibility for fire and rescue services was devolved to Wales in 2004 05 the number and rate have more than halved.
  • There were 14,739 false alarms attended in 2017-18, equating to 47 per 10,000 population and a decrease of 3 per cent compared with 2016-17.
  • There were 180 deaths and injuries due to fires in Wales (6 per 100,000 population). This is a decrease in numbers of 8 per cent.


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