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Family spending

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  • Release date: 18 January 2018
  • Period covered: 2014/15 to 2016/17
An annual report, produced by the Office for National Statistics, which shows data on household expenditure per week.

Average household expenditure

Key points

  • Wales had the second lowest average household expenditure per week out of the 12 UK countries and English regions (£458.70), ahead of the North East (£437.00). However, average household size differs in each region. Average expenditure per person in Wales was £197.10. This was the third lowest amongst the UK countries and English regions, just above the West Midlands (£189.10) and the North East (£192.20).
  • Households in Wales spend 14% of average weekly expenditure on transport (more than any other commodity or service), this is similar to most UK countries and regions.


As agreed with the Office for Statistics Regulation, these statistics will be updated at 12.30pm on the day of release by ONS.


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