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Exposure to secondhand smoke in cars and e-cigarette use among 10-11 year old children in Wales

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  • Release date: 3 December 2014
This report describes changes in children’s exposure to smoking in cars between 2008 and 2014. It also includes data on the prevalence of e-cigarette use and associations with parental smoking and future smoking intentions.

In 2007 and 2008, repeated cross sectional surveys (Childhood Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke (CHETS) Wales) examined changes in child exposure to second-hand smoke after legislation. The 2014 CHETS Wales 2 survey replicated components of these earlier surveys, recruiting a sample of 75 schools, and collecting questionnaire data from 1601 children within those schools.

The survey aimed to recruit as many of the schools who participated in CHETS Wales as possible. The same measures of exposure to SHS in private spaces as collected within CHETS Wales were repeated, with a number of additional items on smoking in cars. Additional items on e-cigarette use were also completed. Data were collected in a classroom setting by trained research staff.


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