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Exploring Welsh food bank responses to period poverty

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  • Release date: 25 October 2018
This is an exploratory piece of research which aims to shed light on food bank responses to clients who may be experiencing period poverty.

Key findings

  • Overall, all respondents reported supplying feminine hygiene products to their food bank customers and these are on the whole, offered to people who visit the food bank.
  • Donations of feminine hygiene products were reported from all 28 respondents with a majority of these coming from members of the public.
  • 21 food banks described “high” and “some” demand feminine hygiene products at their site.
  • 22 encountered people requesting products on behalf of their partners or other family members.

This research consisted of a short online survey distributed to a sample of the 37 Trussell Trust food banks and 5 additional charities that operate food banks in Wales.


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