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Evaluation of the Welsh school-based counselling strategy

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  • Release date: 2 November 2011
An assessment of the levels of satisfaction with the strategy and its impact.

Final report

Release date: 2 November 2011

Key findings

  • Implementation and delivery of the strategy.
  • The impact of school-based counselling services on the levels of psychological distress of its clients.
  • Overall levels of satisfaction with the Strategy and its school-based counselling services.

Based on the evidence the report makes a series of recommendations for the Welsh Government, Local Authorities and schools.

This report supersedes the Stage One Report.

Stage one report

Relelase date: 12 July 2011

This report presents the findings from stage one of the evaluation and focuses on the findings from a desk-based analysis of client and outcome data together with the results from surveys of school counsellors, head/link teachers and local authority leads/service managers.

Key findings

  • The effectiveness of school-based counselling in terms of outcomes for young people using the service.
  • The make-up of the school-based counselling service.
  • The nature of the service offered.
  • The resourcing of the school-based counselling service.


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