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Evaluation of the SMARTCymru Research Development and Innovation financial support for business programme

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  • Release date: 13 July 2016
This report describes the findings from the end of programme evaluation and provides an analysis of final programme achievements, and recommendations for future project activity.

The SMARTCymru programme offered all-Wales support for businesses at different stages of the Research Development and Innovation (RD&I) process; including Development of Concept, Technical and Commercial Feasibility, Industrial Research, Experimental Development and Exploitation. 

The evaluation research was undertaken in the period April and September 2015 by CM International and The Innovation Partnership.

The focus of the evaluation was to understand the end of programme performance of SMARTCymru against both its objectives and specified targets. It is intended that the results of the evaluation will inform the future delivery of support for business RD&I in Wales.

  • The evaluation research built on monitoring data collected by the Welsh Government Innovation team, alongside a number of surveys of participant businesses, counterfactual businesses, and wider business awareness of the programme in Wales.
  • The evaluation also included a small number of interviews with stakeholders and a workshop with Welsh Government management and delivery staff.


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