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Evaluation of Single Integrated Plans (SIP)

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  • Release date: 19 September 2013
Its broad aim is to assess the approaches of developing and implementing SIPs throughout the twenty-two local authorities in Wales, with a view to informing policy and practice.

Interim evaluation

Despite the diverse ways in which SIPs have been produced, six consistent themes emerged: the plan and its methodology; the evidence-based and its analysis (that encompassed the two themes – the situation analysis and the response analysis), citizen engagement; partnerships, resources, and monitoring progress. These themes represent the structure of the final report.  

Our interim review highlights a number of limitations ‘on the ground’, which are likely to restrict local service boards when developing SIPs. Primarily, in the context of analytical capacity and potential, along with resources related to outcome-based methodologies. In this regard, a number of ways forward are presented and suggested that local authorities may wish to consider at an internal level. A number of considerations are also highlighted that the Welsh Government may wish to take forward in future.


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