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Evaluation of Sêr Cymru 1

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  • Release date: 27 November 2018
Sêr Cymru 1 is the first phase of the ongoing Sêr Cymru (Stars Wales) programme. It was developed as part of the Welsh Government’s Science for Wales strategic agenda.

Key findings

  • The evaluation indicates the rationale for Sêr Cymru 1 was timely and proportional.
  • Overall Sêr Cymru 1 has performed well, exceeding output targets at this stage. 
  • The effects of both the Research Stars and National Research Networks (NRNs) (two strands of Sêr Cymru 1) on early career researchers is positive. In terms of attracting researchers to Wales and enhancing their capacities, confidence, and relationships. 
  • It is too early to draw definitive conclusions on the ultimate success of Sêr Cymru 1. It will take time for some longer term (especially economic) outcomes to be realised.
  • The report’s recommendations focus on the delivery and continued funding of Research Stars and NRNs, and support for future delivery of Welsh Government funded scientific research programmes.


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