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Evaluation of Reach the Heights

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  • Release date: 13 January 2014
The report sets out the rationale and objectives of the study, the methodology of the evaluation, and an overview of the projects and activities delivered under Reach the Heights.

The programme, which was partly funded by European Structural Funds, consisted of two projects: First Footholds and Routes to the Summit. Both projects target young people not in education, employment and training, and those at risk of becoming so.

The evaluation explored aspects of the process of planning, implementing and delivering the projects, as well as how effectively the projects performed against their objectives.

Evaluation aimed to assess:

  • the extent to which First Footholds and Routes to the Summit have been delivered effectively and achieved their expected objectives over the period from July 2010 to March 2013
  • which activities have been effective and can be continued on a sustainable basis
  • which activities should influence the delivery of other and future interventions with the same aims
  • what has worked well with the management and implementation of the programme, in order to influence the arrangements for other large scale programmes with similar objectives and target groups.


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