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Evaluation of the outcomes for employers participating in the Corporate Health Standard and Small Workplace Health Award

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  • Release date: 13 December 2013
The purpose of the evaluation was to look at the outcomes of the awards in terms of: reduced sickness absence; improved employee retention; improved engagement and motivation of employees; and improved company profile.

Final report

Release date: 13 December 2013


  • The Awards are yet to have a demonstrable impact on organisational outcomes such as staff absence levels, retention, engagement and company profile, because organisations that currently engage in the Awards start from a good base so there is little room for improvement.
  • The research indicated that at least some employees benefit from engaging in more healthy activities, although it was hard to say whether it was the Award per se that made a difference or whether the organisations would have put some of these initiatives in place anyway.
  • Nonetheless, participants were extremely positive about the impact of the Awards on the way in which they managed staff health and well-being and how the framework encouraged more joined-up working in the organisation and better communication to staff.
  • Almost all said that they would recommend the Award to other organisations.

Interim report

Release date: 28 February 2013

This report presents interim findings based on the telephone interviews conducted up to the end of July 2012. This includes interviews with 16 new applicants for the awards and 15 previous award holders. The individuals interviewed were those responsible for the award application in the organisation.


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