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Evaluation of the National Station Improvement Programme (NSIP)

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  • Release date: 5 April 2017
The programme was delivered in two phases. The evaluations looked at whether the project successfully achieved its aims and objectives.

Individual projects consisted of:

  • improvements including station modernisation and upgrades (such as new or modernised station buildings)
  • new or improved passenger facilities (such as ticketing)
  • general station access improvements (such as cycle parking facilities)
  • easier access improvements (including lifts and ramps).


A total of 65 stations received some degree of improvement as part of NSIP+ Phase 1 and 5 as part of Phase 2. Face to face surveys were undertaken at a sample of the stations improved during NSIP+ Phase 1. It was identified that these station improvements had contributed to increased levels of satisfaction amongst passengers. One of the most noticeable improvements across the surveyed stations was the increase in the perceptions of safety.

Stakeholder involvement across both phases has been widespread, with a number of different organisations engaged in helping to shape the schemes delivered. Examples of where this engagement have resulted in positive impacts in Phase 2 include the taxi waiting arrangements at Pontypridd, which were modified following stakeholder input to ensure waiting taxis did not queue onto the road.


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