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Evaluation of the National Literacy and Numeracy Programmes (NLNP)

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  • Release date: 28 September 2017
The evaluation is based on a 3 year programme of evaluation activity designed to investigate how the NLNP has been interpreted and how the various activities related to the NLNP are being implemented.

The final report focuses on results of the following activity:

  • Survey of school leaders
  • Area based case studies including interviews with a broad range of stakeholders
  • Analysis of pupil level performance data

The results show:

  • Stakeholder perceptions of the NLNP have improved significantly since its introduction.
  • The National Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF) was seen to have had a positive impact on the quality and consistency of teaching of literacy and numeracy.
  • Since 2013 schools have made considerable progress in embedding the LNF within their curriculum planning and assessment cycles though more progress can be made.
  • There has been a marked improvement across all Key Stages (KS) in attainment in the core subjects over the five years from 2011. Although this improvement existed in the years prior to the implementation of the LNF, since 2012 pupils made more progress from KS2 to KS3 than previous cohorts, this cohort was exposed to the LNF more than previous cohorts. 
  • There is evidence to suggest that the introduction of the NLNP has supported an improvement in both the quality and frequency of collaboration between practitioners within schools and between different schools. The principal driver behind this activity has, increasingly, been Consortia who have taken on a key role in facilitating activity.


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