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Evaluation of the Muslim Council of Wales 'Prevent' Work

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  • Release date: 19 July 2012
The Council carried out work to prevent violent extremism between 2009 and 2012.

The work included governance and child protection training for mosques, madrassahs and Muslim organisations. 'Radical Middle Way' training on tackling extremist ideology and iLead youth development leadership projects.

The interviewees that attended the governance and child protection training reported finding it very useful and were able to provide many examples of how the training had motivated them to improve the working practices of Muslim institutions.

The participants of the Radical Middle Way’s training also felt that the training had better equipped them to protect the communities they serve, particularly young people, against the arguments of extremists.


  • In future the Welsh Government should commission programmes through an open tendering process that builds in clear outcome objectives, indicating how these will be measured, tighter reporting requirements and clarity about recruitment and project spend.
  • Future programmes funded with the goal of preventing people becoming involved in violent extremism need to be clearly focused on tackling those individuals who are at risk and vulnerable to being attracted to violent extremism.
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