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Evaluation of the Lift Programme

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  • Release date: 20 December 2016
The Lift Programme is a tackling worklessness intervention, designed to respond to the Welsh Government’s Tackling Poverty Action Plan 2013.

The programme is a tackling worklessness intervention. It is designed to respond to the Welsh Government’s Tackling Poverty Action Plan 2013. More specifically, to a commitment to provide 5,000 training and employment opportunities to people in long-term workless households by the end of 2017.

The programme

Lift operates in nine delivery areas based on twelve Communities First Clusters across Wales. In each delivery area, small teams of job brokers have been recruited to engage working age adults living in long-term workless households.

Evaluation aims

  • To assess how the programme has been seen set up in each of the nine delivery areas and how it is being operated.
  • To provide an indication of its effectiveness in helping participants to find work or to undergo activities that significantly boost their job prospects.

Phase 2

The second phase of the evaluation investigates the structural form and operational practice of Lift; that is, how Lift has been set up in each area and whether it is being implemented as envisaged.

The evaluation makes an assessment of the extent to which the programme is making progress towards its stated outcomes and attempts to capture and explain any variation in its delivery across the nine Lift delivery areas. 

The research involved a range of primary and secondary research techniques to explore the service delivery channels, how the intervention is being managed, how people make contact and are being contacted by each broker, the detailed working practices of each broker etc. This analysis contributed to an assessment of the reporting mechanisms and the extent to which they are ‘fit for purpose’.

The main report also includes a variety of case studies to illustrate the form of the programme in each locality, how it is being put into practice, how it is experienced by the participants and those who deliver it.


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