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Evaluation of the Home Fire Safety Checks (HFSC)

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  • Release date: 22 April 2013
These checks form a key part of fire risk reduction activities.

The aims of this evaluation were to provide evidence on the targeting, conduct and impact of HFSCs in Wales, in order to improve their impact and inform decisions on how to allocate funding for HFSCs in the future.

Findings focus on the number of HFSCs completed, their impact on the rate of dwelling fires, their targeting in relation to households at highest risk and the funding of HFSCs. Key findings included: evidence is limited on the impact of the HFSCs on the rate of dwelling fires, deaths and casualties in Wales. Whilst all three measures have declined, it is unclear to what extent these can be attributed to the HFSCs; there is scope for improved  targeting, both in relation to individual household risk and regionally.

Recommendations include a new approach to targeting vulnerable households; an increase in activity targeting vulnerable households; and more effective partnership working with a range of a agencies that have contact with vulnerable households.

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