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Evaluation of the Heritage Tourism Project (HTP)

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  • Release date: 15 July 2016
The report describes the findings from the end of project evaluation of the HTP, and provides an analysis of its achievements, and recommendations for future project activity.

Funded via the European Regional Development Fund, the HTP aimed to maximise the economic value of heritage in Wales by increasing the number, length and value of visits to Wales. The project also aimed to open Wales’ heritage to a wider audience by making it more enjoyable both for visitors and for people who live in Wales.

The aim of this evaluation was to assess the success of the HTP in meeting its targets, its effectiveness in terms of how it was delivered and the difference the investment made to organisations and visitors.

The evaluation report is based on a work programme undertaken between July and September 2015 which involved:

  • reviewing documents relating to the design and delivery of the HTP
  • undertaking a desk based review of wider policy literature relating to heritage tourism in Wales
  • interviewing representatives involved with 14 HTP funded initiatives led by external organisations, including staff from across six local authorities and the Welsh Government
  • interviewing ten Cadw staff as well as six Cadw Custodians based at HTP funded sites
  • interviewing Visit Wales and Wales European Funding Office officials
  • analysing project outputs and achievements to undertake a final assessment of the economic impact of the HTP.


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