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Independent evaluation of the Gwent Missing Children Project

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  • Release date: 30 March 2016
The Gwent Missing Children project supports vulnerable young people and their families by pooling information between public services.

The Hub is an innovative project providing a unique service in relation to children who go, or are at risk of going, missing in the Gwent region. There is evidence that key areas of the Hub’s work are being implemented appropriately and largely in line with the theory of change and good practice for multi-agency working. There is also emerging evidence that in some cases the Hub is resulting in its intended impacts and outcomes for children and young people who go missing.

However, as highlighted throughout this report and in the formative report, strategic planning, monitoring and performance management remain key ways in which the Hub’s work could be further developed. This will enable the Hub to consistently demonstrate its value and the extent to which it is realising its intended outcomes.


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