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Evaluation of Front Line Advice Services Grant (FLASG)

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  • Release date: 29 March 2016
The Front Line Advice Services Grant (FLASG) was introduced as a new three year funding scheme to support front-line advice services across Wales during 2014-15.

The purposes of the scheme included providing support on equality and discrimination and increasing the awareness of those issues amongst generalist advice providers; encouraging greater collaboration between advice providers; developing better integration of services on the ground and developing a more common understanding of quality standards.

The aim was to review the extent to which FLASG was meeting its stated purposes, to identify the effects of the intervention on beneficiaries and provide a better understanding of the type of advice sought and provided.

The report discusses the findings from the evaluation fieldwork with FLASG funded organisations, stakeholders, Welsh Government officials and supported beneficiaries in relation to the implementation and delivery of the grant.


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