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Evaluation of the Enhancing Leadership and Management Skills programme

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  • Release date: 16 March 2016
Enhancing Leadership and Management Skills (ELMS) offered a number of training opportunities each contributing towards strategic improvement and support for development skills and capacity in the Welsh economy and within Welsh businesses and organisations.

An independent review of the programme has been undertaken and three reports have been published as follows:

  • An evaluation of ELMS – focusing on the workshops, discretionary fund and coaching and mentoring elements of the programme
  • An evaluation of the Leadership & Management Wales (LMW) Centre for Excellence
  • An evaluation of the ‘Welsh in the Workplace’ Welsh Language Diagnostic Tool.

Overall, the evaluation concludes that despite various performance and operational challenges, ELMS has succeeded in generating a range of positive effects. ELMS training has been of good quality, has been well received and well utilised and has benefitted the companies and individuals that it supported in Wales.

It is funded by the Welsh Government and the European Social Fund (ESF).


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