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Evaluation of the Employability Skills Pilot (ESP) programme

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  • Release date: 22 August 2017
The aims of the ESP are to support unemployed adults into sustained employment by improving their employability skills.

It specifically targets unemployed adults who are within six months of reaching the labour market. The programme is delivered by four main training providers who offer work preparation training, essential skills if required, and a work placement or employer specific training to those referred to them by Jobcentre Plus (JCP) and others.

The aim of this evaluation is to provide a formative assessment of the design and initial implementation of the ESP in order to inform the future development of the programme.

The qualitative evidence used to inform the evaluation findings were gathered from desk-based research; interviews with the four main training providers and four subcontractors; interviews with Welsh Government, JCP and Careers Wales; interviews with 12 participating individuals and four employers.


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