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Evaluation of the CRAFT Pilot Project

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  • Release date: 16 March 2011
CRAFT is an intervention programme for families and carers of substance misusers.

The aims of CRAFT are to help CSOs to improve the quality of their own lives; interact with the substance misuser in a way that minimises the consumption of alcohol/drugs, and to encourage the substance misuser to seek treatment.

The CRAFT project in Wales operates across Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan, and is one of only two in the UK.

The research involved a literature review, analysis of project documentation and data, interviews with all five CRAFT staff, and seven external stakeholders, interviews with seven CSOs, and analysis of written feedback from 18 CSOs.

The evaluation found that :

  • A total of 94 individuals engaged with the CRAFT programme over the six month study period.
  • CSOs reported that their own health, personal relationships and working lives, had all improved as a result of engaging with CRAFT. 
  • Some 10% of CSOs were substance misusers, and themselves benefit from early interventions by CRAFT.


  • A need to address clinical waiting times for clients outside of the criminal justice system;
  • To increase referral levels into CRAFT by inter-agency networking, and promotion of the service.
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