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Evaluation of the Coastal and Sustainable Tourism Projects

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  • Release date: 9 January 2018
This is the final evaluation for two of the Environment for Growth (E4G) projects which were developed and managed by Visit Wales.

The goals of the projects were to:

  • improve the attractiveness of natural and man-made facilities
  • develop “Centres of Excellence” and spin-out activities
  • develop marinas, cycle and walking trails
  • improve access to the coast and countryside
  • develop potential for sustainable recreation and economic activity.

The project drew on a range of evaluation strands including:

  • reviewing project business plans, monitoring returns and annual reports for the project as a whole and the Centres of Excellence
  • consultations with project managers, the Centre for Excellence managers, and responsible officers and relevant partners and stakeholders for many of the 50+ investment activities that were funded
  • examination of the baseline, monitoring and evaluation evidence held for the investment activities
  • specific commissioned research for the two projects such as that undertaken by Cardiff Business School estimating visitor and construction expenditure related economic impacts. 

E4G projects received funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) programmes for Wales 2007-2013.


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