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Eradicating child poverty in Wales

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  • Release date: 25 November 2010
  • Period covered: November 2010
A report which presents data on the 32 child poverty indicators used to monitor progress of the Child Poverty Strategy.

A review of the indicators included in this release took place in autumn 2010.

Key points

  • All baseline years have been re-set to 2006.
  • Two new indicators are included: children living in in-work poverty and educational attainment in young adults. The children’s environmental health indicator has been removed. Where suitable data is available, the progress status of indicators should be determined by the measure of inequality (how much the gap has changed between those in poverty and those not in poverty).
  • Of the 32 child poverty indicators, 10 have shown a clear improvement, 12 have shown little or no change, 3 have shown a clear deterioration and 7 do not have sufficient data for a progress status to be allocated.
  • 5 indicators have not had their baseline or their definition changed, so are comparable with the last release; the progress status of all 5 has not changed.

A new Child Poverty Strategy for Wales was issued for a three month period of public consultation on 12 May 2010.  A revised Child Poverty Strategy will be published in early 2011.  The indicators being used to measure the Welsh Assembly Government's 2006 child poverty milestones and targets will remain a key part of this new Strategy.

Update - 10 December 2012

The Programme for Government sets out what we are going to do to improve the lives of the people of Wales and how we are going to measure progress including the plan of action for Tackling Poverty. Each year we report on a full set of updates on progress made on the commitments set out in the Programme.

Alongside annual reports on the Programme for Government, we published the 'Tackling Poverty Action Plan' in June 2012. We have committed to update and refresh the action plan each year to give an in depth account of the action that we and our partners are taking to tackle poverty.

To streamline reporting processes, we are currently reviewing the 'Eradicating Child Poverty in Wales: Child Poverty Indicators' with a view to migrating much of the information into the annual reports on the tackling poverty plan. The next update is due by June 2013.


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