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Equality Bill: Advancing equality across the public sector in Wales

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  • Release date: 14 February 2008
To develop proposals for the specific equality duties that will apply in Wales, the Welsh Government is conducting a ‘Listening Exercise’ with its key stakeholders during the summer.

This exercise began on Monday 27th July 2009 and closed on  Monday 16th November 2009.

Throughout this period, there was a series of events and meetings, providing stakeholders with an opportunity to tell us how specific public sector equality duties should be developed here in Wales.

To help inform this discussion, some initial thinking about the areas where these duties could make a positive contribution are set out in our discussion document "Advancing equality across the public sector in Wales".

The Welsh Government commissioned research earlier in 2009 about how a specific public sector duty about gender equal pay could be framed for public authorities in Wales. This research can be viewed by opening the attachment below and should be read in conjunction with the discussion document Advancing equality across the Public Sector in Wales ' published in July 2009.

The outcome report below summarises the contributions we received during the exercise. Based on this advice and the research gathered, the Minister for Local Government and Communities has asked officials to develop detailed policy proposals for public consultation. It is anticipated that these proposals will be published in the late Spring.

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