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Social Research

Employer case studies

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  • Release date: 24 July 2009
A series of employer case studies were commissioned to investigate employer’s motivation and attitudes towards training their workforce.

28 case studies were undertaken with employers who were broadly representative of organisations across Wales in terms of company size, sector and region.

The case studies included:

  • profile of the organisation and its business aims
  • types of learning activity undertaken
  • types of staff participating in training
  • the decision making process
  • perceived benefits of, and barriers to, training
  • views on quality of training provision available.

The study was undertaken to better understand the decision making process for different types of employers, so that DELLS and its partners can make sure that the training provided support the needs of businesses and their workforces. In this way we can have a positive impact upon businesses in Wales and the economy as a whole.

The findings from the employer case studies have been explored further through a panel survey of 2,000 employers. This has tracked changes in attitudes and obtained feedback on different ways of broadening and deepening employers’ participation in training.

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