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Bus usage and concessionary fares

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  • Release date: 22 May 2008
  • Period covered: 2005-06
A report which sets out patterns in bus usage and concessionary fare take-up and usage.

The statistics have been taken from the 2005 and 2006 Living in Wales surveys, which is an annual Welsh household survey.

Key points

  • Compared to Wales, a much higher proportion of respondents in Scotland aged 60 and over possess a concessionary bus pass.
  • Of those respondents in Wales aged 60 and over who possess a concessionary bus pass, 42% have travelled by bus in the last seven days.
  • 89% of respondents in Wales live within a 13 minute walk of their nearest bus stop, compared to 95% of respondents in Scotland.
  • Overall, 78% of respondents in Wales are satisfied with their local bus service.


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