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Births: Data from the National Community Child Health Database

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  • Release date: 16 August 2017
  • Period covered: 2006-2016
An annual report which includes data by gestational age, baby weight and mothers' age.

The National Community Child Health Database (NCCHD) is Wales’ national community child health database and consists of anonymised records for all children born, resident or treated in Wales and born after 1987. It brings together data from local Child Health System databases which are held by Local Health Boards and used by them to administer child immunisation and health surveillance programmes.

This annual release covers data items which are recorded at birth. It is not meant to replace Office for National Statistics (ONS) birth registration statistics, which should be used for basic births statistics for Wales.

Key points

  • The NCCHD recorded 33,004 live births in 2016 to Welsh residents, an increase of 8 per cent since 2001 but a fall of 1 per cent since 2015.
  • Mother’s age: the proportion of young mothers has fallen since 2006 with 4.5 per cent of live births in 2016 being born to mothers aged under 20, less than half of what it was in 2006 (9.3 per cent).
  • Gestation: 7.8 per cent of live births in 2016 took place at less than 37 weeks gestational age, this proportion has fluctuated between 7 per cent and 7.8 per cent since 2006.
  • Birth weight: 6.9 per cent of all live births in 2016 had a low birth weight (less than 2,500g) compared to 5.4 per cent of singleton live births.


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