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Best practice approaches to achieving parity of esteem in education and training

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  • Release date: 10 May 2004
The aim is to give illustrations of the range of ways of tackling common problems in order to contribute to debate in Wales.


  • Identify best practice approaches from around the world that encourage parity of esteem between academic and vocational routes of post-16 learning.
  • Identify the means of transferring good practice.

A report of this nature cannot provide exhaustive analysis but focuses more on those aspects of other education and training systems which it may be interesting to explore further.

The first phase of this project consisted of an ex-ante evaluation of the state of play in Wales concerning parity of esteem. Following an analysis of statistical data to map participation and attainment of young people in Wales, key institutional stakeholders were interviewed and an illustrative survey of higher education admissions services and employers carried out. This phase aimed to establish what the different constituencies and stakeholders understand by "parity of esteem" and to what extent this has been achieved in Wales.

The survey raised a certain number of questions and issues that were used as a basis for comparing policies and practice in other European countries and Australia.

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