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Barriers to growth in the use of learning technology in the voluntary sector

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  • Release date: 24 September 2005
E-learning is defined as ‘the use of electronic technology to support, enhance or deliver learning’.

This project aims to determine:

  • the knowledge and participation of the voluntary sector in e-learning
  • the actual and potential benefits for the voluntary sector in using e-learning
  • barriers to effective e-learning
  • strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats to the use of e-learning in and by the voluntary sector
  • a number of recommendations for further action by the voluntary sector and partners
  • the voluntary sector in Wales consists of 30,000 voluntary organisations, with a combined income of £1.022 billion. At least 30,000 people work in the voluntary sector, and the sector benefits from over 1.2 million volunteers.

Specific challenges for voluntary organisations include funding, recruitment and retention of staff and volunteers and working with other organisations.

The project involved placing an e-learning champion in each County Voluntary Council, where they conducted action research responding to the project brief and local priorities.

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