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Approaches to understanding outcomes and impact in Welsh public services: a case study of Local Service Boards and childhood obesity

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  • Release date: 19 October 2016
Research exploring the use of evidence and measurement of impact in relation to childhood obesity specifically and using this to inform lessons for public services more generally.

This research addresses questions as to how Local Service Boards (LSB) know they are adopting effective approaches when tackling childhood obesity. The report explores the actions of LSBs in addressing childhood obesity, to develop insights on gaps in capacity and capability. 

This research shows evidence was used to varying degrees by LSBs when designing interventions relating to childhood obesity. The majority of LSBs included in the research were conscious of the gaps in their ability to understand impact, have awareness of why evaluation is important and would like to develop their capacity in this area. The report concludes with recommendations as to how these issues could be addressed.


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