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Social Research

All Wales School Liaison Core Programme (AWSLCP)

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  • Release date: 14 March 2011
A review of the programme’s impact on reducing anti-social behaviour and substance misuse.

The study involved 10 schools with a positive long term relationship with the AWSLCP. Methods included interviews, with SCPOs, school staff and pupils, and a survey of pupils.

The evaluation found that :

  • the AWSLCP was held in high regard, and seen as valuable and important by almost all of those interviewed
  • there were indications that the AWSLCP changed attitudes towards substance misuse and anti-social behaviour, and had some impacts on behaviour, at least in the short term
  • there were some positive changes in attitudes towards family and community
  • the positive relationship between individual SCPOs and young people was not seen to be impacting on the relationship between young people and the police in general.

Implications are given for the Welsh Government, the AWSLCP, for schools and local authorities, and for the police.

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