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His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh, 10 June 1921 to 9 April 2021

Read about the arrangements following The Duke of Edinburgh’s death
  Agenda item Key decisions / actions
1 Welcome and introductions  

A vision for fair reward

  • Real Living Wage

A position statement on Fair Reward to be drafted.

The Task and Finish Group for Pay and Skills and Progression to explore the issues raised in this meeting regarding pay progression for the sector in further detail and report back to the Forum.


A vision for fair reward

  • Collective Bargaining
A Task & Finish Group for Collective Bargaining to be established to meet in the New Year.
4 Communications and a timetable for position statements A timetable and proposed position statement to be presented to members to agree at the meeting in January.
5 Update on Task & Finish Groups

Personal Assistants:

  • A paper outlining high level objectives to inform a research specification has been developed. This will be discussed at a meeting this week with colleagues form Knowledge and Analytical Services with a view to drawing up a full specification.
  • Next meeting scheduled for 16th December 2020.

Pay and Skills:

  • First meeting scheduled for 16th December 2020


  • Members and CIW agreed to undertake further work to identify best practice. Representative of the Health and Safety Executive to be invited to next meeting.
  • Next meeting scheduled for 23rd February 2021.
6 Minutes and actions from the last meeting Minute to be updated to record that it was agreed that Safety would be added as stand-alone item in the Work Programme.
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