Professor Christopher J. Thomas

Pro Vice Chancellor for Research, Knowledge Exchange & Innovation, Aberystwyth University

A field ecologist, he has worked variously in deserts, tropics and the arctic, as well as the UK. Awarded his PhD in Zoology at Glasgow University (1994), studying ravens and habitat in the west highlands of Scotland, he then joined Durham University as lecturer, then senior lecturer, with a research focus on ecological applications of geographic information and spatial population dynamics, particularly in disease vectors.

He moved to Aberystwyth University in 2007, to take up the CIRRE Chair in Ecological Modelling. In 2013 he was also appointed to a Chair in Zoology.

He remains an active researcher, leading a team in vector-borne disease hazard mapping and spatial epidemiology, using mathematical models, remote sensing and GIS, including study of climate change. Much of his group's recent work has been on human malaria in Africa. This research is highly interdisciplinary in nature. Chris’s team collaborate with medics, public health, social scientists, physical geographers, mathematicians and computer scientists. He has published over 60 papers and won research awards totalling over £12 million.