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We develop ideas to help improve our health, protect our environment and contribute to a better future and stronger economy.

First published:
17 April 2019
Last updated:

The Chief Scientific Adviser for Wales is the head of the scientific profession for the Welsh Government. He is supported by the Welsh Government Office for Science.

We encourage the growth of science research in Welsh universities and businesses. This boosts the economy.

We employ scientists and engineers across Welsh Government. They work on issues like climate change, energy, forestry and health. They use evidence from scientific research to help us tackle challenges we face as a society.

Trio Sci Cymru

This is an initiative to encourage school pupils to study triple science (biology, chemistry and physics) for GCSE. More than 5,600 pupils from 30 school will benefit from  activities like hands-on experiments and roadshows.

£5.7 million EU funds to encourage STEM take up