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How I can Volunteer?

Wales has a strong tradition of people helping one another and at this difficult time a lot of great work is happening in all our communities, much of which is organised at a local level, building on the trusted community links already in place.

If you’d like to volunteer your time and skills, there are lots of things that you can do.

Be safe and healthy

Before you even think about volunteering, you should only volunteer if you are well and have no symptoms like a cough or high temperature and nobody in your household does.

Anyone can volunteer but under the current guidance for responding to the coronavirus, people who are most at risk should not take on volunteering roles that could raise their risk of infection, or of passing it onto others who might be at risk. In these circumstances, think about non-contact roles which can be performed through remote access using phones, emails or FaceTime for example.

Read the guidance on staying at home  if you are showing symptoms of COVID-19 or living with someone who is.

Read the guidance on community response to COVID-19 – enabling safe and effective practice where you will find guidance to help you to help others safely.

Want to volunteer in Wales? Here’s how

Sign up as a volunteer

You can join a local volunteer organisation through your county voluntary council or sign up on Volunteering Wales where you can search for opportunities such as a volunteer shopper, a delivery volunteer or befriending over the phone. Once you’ve registered your interest to become a volunteer you’ll be sent opportunities that match what you want to do. 

What to volunteer in your area? Here’s how

Get involved in community action

You can set up or be part of a community group that is responding to COVID-19. If you are doing this make sure you put systems and processes in place to safeguard people and volunteers from abuse and harm. Third Sector Support Wales provides tips to get you started.

There are now thousands of local groups across the country. Find your local support group.

Help from your own home

You can also help people from your own home - on the phone or via social media. Just saying hello and regularly checking in over the phone is really important. You can check in on your neighbours and support one another but make sure you're safe online.

Join the COVID-19 vaccination team

The large scale vaccination programme is a huge task. Vaccinating people as quickly as possible will require more people to help.

Find out more about joining the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

Are you an organisation looking for a volunteer?

If you are an organisation looking for a volunteer, you can recruit volunteers and advertise volunteering opportunities on Volunteering Wales.

Find out the latest information

For the latest information about coronavirus visit the Welsh Government website.