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The Community of Michaelston-y-Fedw The Community of Michaelston-y-Fedw “Working together brought the community together” says rural community.
Andrew and Ann from Cwmbran Andrew and Ann from Cwmbran "Internet connection that can handle a houseful” says Cwmbran grandfather
Andrew from Rhyl Andrew from Rhyl Superfast broadband allows me to play online games against people in all corners of the World
Bivin from Cardiff Bivin from Cardiff Superfast means we can live modern lifestyles in a connected home
Emma and David in Merthyr Tydfil Emma and David in Merthyr Tydfil There’s no reason other couples can’t see Merthyr as a well-connected place – physically and digitally
Isaak from Newport Izaak from Newport Superfast broadband has provided me with the tools I needed to kick-start my own video production company
Jim from Swansea Jim from Swansea Superfast broadband allows a Grandfather to watch his grandchildren in Norway grow up
Judith with cake Judith in Llandudno Llandudno based entrepreneur says superfast broadband helped start a sweet new career
Keith from Wrexham Keith from Wrexham Superfast broadband allows a couple to stream live TV in their garden while enjoying the sunshine
Lee from Bridgend Lee from Bridgend Superfast broadband boosts photography business.
Leighton from Abergavenny Leighton from Abergavenny Superfast broadband allows me the flexibility to work from home and see my family
Natasha from Mold Natasha from Mold Superfast broadband allowed me to give up my day job and pursue a career in vlogging
Nicole and family Nicole in Abertillery Superfast broadband transforms life for Blaenau mum with autistic son
Paul Sandham Paul in Caernarfon Caernarfon dad credits superfast broadband for improving his business and family life
Philip from Newtown Philip from Newtown Superfast broadband has enabled me to run my business from home and maintain a work-life balance
Rebekah Thomas Rebekah from Llanharan Superfast broadband connects friends living 4000 miles apart as they plan dream wedding
Sheri from Wenvoe Sheri from Wenvoe Superfast broadband will be crucial for planning our wedding abroad
Sian from Anglesey Sian from Anglesey Paddleboarder makes waves with superfast connection

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