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Unable to deliver training

If you are unable to deliver training, we will honour any grants that have already been awarded. If you can only be deliver training face-to-face (for example plant machinery courses), we will agree to postpone the training until normal business is resumed.

We will consider requests to change the delivery method on a case-by-case basis. We are likely to agree to online or digital delivery of training for example via Skype.

If you are unable to give online or telephone support, we will not be able to consider a request for distance learning.

We will take into account whether the revised delivery method is suitable and whether a change to the cost of the course is necessary.

We will inform you of any changes to the grant award via email within 2 working days of your request.

Making a claim after training

If you've delivered training and now need to make a claim, we will ask you and the trainee for confirmation that the training has been completed. We will also need to know the number of days’ training attended. You can scan the competed claim form and send it with your invoice to or request a Word version from us.

Where possible, you should send us evidence of any qualifications gained. If you are unable to do this now, we will request evidence from you as soon as normal business is resumed.

You should keep hard copies of any claim forms we’ve sent you as we may need these from you later.

We may contact you to provide further information or evidence to support your claim once normal business is resumed.