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Savings achieved in time and money when employing temporary workers.

First published:
11 February 2020
Last updated:

A collaborative mini-competition for temporary worker solutions has saved £150,000 a year across 2 customer organisations, as well as significant time and resource.

Using the temporary workers and supply teachers framework, the NPS worked with 2 south west Wales local authorities to identify common requirements and award a contract through a mini-competition. This resulted in:

  • cash releasing savings
  • continuity of a business critical service
  • wider roll out of an electronic management tool.

Customer benefits

The NPS led mini-competition has led to commercial savings on supplier margins of 49% against previous customer rates. This also represents savings of 33% against the new framework rates, had the customer awarded directly with the same provider.

The participating local authorities had previously procured temporary worker solutions through their own local agreements. The NPS assisted them in awarding their first collaborative call-off 4 years ago. Following its success, customers were keen to take up support from the NPS again.

Leading on the mini-competition, NPS limited the burden on customers at every stage of the procurement process by:

  • helping to build the competition documents
  • coordinating customer requirements
  • issuing the tender electronically
  • offering account management support.

Customers were involved throughout the process. Customer meetings at the start and end of the procurement agreed the approach and finalised the award decision.

Customer view

A procurement representative at Pembrokeshire County Council, said:

“At a time of significant resource pressure this proved an excellent opportunity. NPS took charge of all the ‘meaty’ procurement tasks as well as the smaller administrative duties, and their expertise in this area is clear to see. This exercise also achieved savings at a time where these are difficult to find.”

An HR representative at Carmarthenshire County Council, said:

“The mini-competition has enabled Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire to achieve an even greater level of savings which would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of NPS. The Senior Category Manager’s endeavours in overseeing the process has resulted in a very positive outcome, and reaffirmed the considerable benefits for public sector organisations in the NPS undertaking the temporary workers contract.”

Further information and feedback

For further information on the temporary workers and supply teachers framework, please visit Sell2Wales or e-mail:

Tel: 0300 790 0170