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The Procurement Board provides the governance mechanism for the implementation and delivery of public procurement policy across Wales.


Ministerial responsibility for the activity of the Procurement Board rests with the Minister for Finance.

In his August 2013 report – Welsh Government Procurement Governance and Management – John McClelland made a series of recommendations around the scope, remit and membership of the PSLG Procurement Board. These recommendations are being addressed, with reconstituting the board's membership and focus of activity being a key action.


The Procurement Board has the remit to influence and advise on the activity undertaken by Value Wales in relation to:

  • Procurement Policy – development, adoption & implementation including through monitoring adoption of the Wales Procurement Policy Statement, the outcomes of the Procurement Fitness Check project and the embedding of the approach to Community Benefits.
  • Procurement skills, capacity & capability development through the Home Grown Talent project
  • eProcurement through the ePS Business as Usual programme and the ePS Future Strategy development activity

The Procurement Board will also receive and review regular progress reports from the Director of the National Procurement Service.

Member roles

Members will be required to:

  1.  Act as a conduit between the activities of the Procurement Board, Value Wales, the National Procurement Service and their sector
  2. Inform the Procurement Board of relevant developments across their sector
  3. Take responsibility for speaking on behalf of and reflecting the views of their sector / nominated organisations
  4. Actively consult with all the organisations they represent
  5. Feedback to their sector on a regular basis
  6. Take action to promote Procurement Board endorsed actions and engage their sector, and be prepared to report back to the Steering Group

Members will be asked to:

  1. personally champion the priorities of the Procurement Board
  2. endorse key strategic recommendations coming from the Board
  3. critically monitor progress
  4. act to overcome barriers and improve engagement
  5. challenge methods of delivery and communication
  6. actively consult within their sectors and provide honest feedback
  7. help to ensure programme activities are co-ordinated with local and sector-based initiatives
  8. ensure that consideration is given at all times to the longer-term impact of delivery strategies on the economy, environment and people of Wales.


Name Organisation Role/representing
Will Godfrey Newport City Council Chair
Kerry Stephens Welsh Government WG & WGSBs
Sue Moffatt National Procurement Service NPS
Nick Sullivan Welsh Government WPPS
Jon Rae WLGA Local government
Elizabeth Aitken Mid & West Wales Fire Authority Emergency services
Mark Jones Gower College Further Education
Mike Davies Cardiff University Higher Education
Sian Davies Vale of Glamorgan Council Local government
Umar Hussain South Wales Police Police
Neil Frow NHS Shared Services NHS
Jeremy Morgan Wales Audit Office Audit/Assurance
Tracey Burke Welsh Government Supplier engagement

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