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How the Technical Advisory Group and Technical Advisory Cell will work in the pre-election period 2021.

The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is a key part of the Welsh Government’s response to the standing up of a UK Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), to provide independent scientific and technical advice to policy makers and Ministers during the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent response. TAG also provides representatives to a number of scientific and technical working groups across the 4 Nations response to COVID-19 and is supported by 8 subgroups.

The Technical Advisory Cell (TAC) is an operational team which supports TAG in the delivery of its scientific and technical priorities. TAC provides technical expertise across a range of specialisms including the following:

  • providing scientific and technical advice on Covid-19 to decision makers and policy makers
  • creating and contributing to evidence and research papers, models and original content around Covid-19
  • offering peer review, challenge and quality assurance to evidence and research on Covid-19
  • agreeing and publishing consensus views as needed
  • curating and sharing interactive data for Covid-19 operations
  • communicating and explaining concepts to do with the SAR-COV2 virus and the pandemic in Wales

Both TAG and TAC play a key role in providing the best possible scientific and technical advice to support the response to the Covid-19 pandemic in Wales in a timely and proactive manner.  As a scientific advisory group TAG’s role is not to decide policy but to summarise and distil available research to help guide Ministers in their decision-making.

During the pre-election period, members of TAG and TAC must follow the rules for officials set out in the Welsh Government’s guidance. This guidance should be read in the context of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the Government’s response to the public health emergency which will remain a significant issue during the election period. As such, both TAG and TAC will need to continue to support Welsh Ministers in such activities and the wider Welsh Government response to the pandemic.

TAG and TAC are committed to sharing information and findings with the public wherever possible in line with the original commission and will continue to publish technical outputs as promptly as possible during the pre-election period.  This will include the regular TAC summary of advice, as well as any modelling updates and subject specific reports.   

TAG and TAC will continue to respond to freedom of information and other requests for information, and behave impartially whilst continuing to provide scientific and technical advice to policy makers and Ministers in Wales during the pre-election period.

Public Health Wales will continue to work to delivering its statutory responsibilities for surveillance reporting including COVID-19 related publications. More details can be found on the Public Health Wales website.


Elections to Senedd Cymru May 2021: guidance for Welsh Government officials.