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The latest update on PEDW services and a statement relating to issuing decisions during the pre-election period.

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First published:
7 December 2021
Last updated:


Local Government elections will be held on 5th May 2022 and the pre-election period commences on 14th April.  In the run-up to elections PEDW are mindful of ensuring that Inspector’s decisions concerning proposals which have raised particular sensitivities or interest in an area, cannot be deemed to have influenced the election or have been used to electoral advantage by any interested body. 

Accordingly, we will not issue such decisions until the election results have been announced. Each decision as to whether an Inspectors decision should be held back is taken on the circumstances of the case by senior managers. We will ensure that any decision delayed for the reasons above is issued promptly after the election results are announced.

Further to our previous update, we are working with stakeholders to enable a return to in-person or hybrid events, where these are considered to be necessary.  We recognise virtual events have been successful and they will continue to be used when appropriate.

There remains a backlog of new appeals waiting to be validated and started.  We have made small steps in reducing the backlog and continue to deploy our resources where required most.  We would still ask you to please wait to contact us until the expiration of 12 weeks after receiving an initial acknowledgement, if enquiring about an appeal. 

Work is progressing to enable appeals and representations to be submitted via the Portal.  We hope to be able to introduce this service soon. In the meantime please continue to send appeals and other submissions via e mail to 

We are doing all we can to improve handling times.  Thank you for your continued patience.