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We have developed a guide to assist staff when assessing PPE from suppliers outside our existing supply chain.

First published:
20 May 2020
Last updated:

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have been undertaking a significant amount of work in assessing and vetting offers of personal protective equipment (PPE), in particular from suppliers and individuals from outside our existing supply chains. The majority of these offers are for products originating from the Far East, many of which are provided with certification and documentation that is not always in English, and it can be difficult to determine the validity of the product.

We have developed a desktop guide to assist Welsh public sector colleagues when checking that the certification provided meets all the legal requirements for PPE to be sold in the UK. The guide incorporates advice received from the British Safety Industry Federation, the Medical Healthcare Regulation Agency, technical experts from our PPE framework suppliers, and colleagues from the wider public sector. 

The desktop guide is accessible to Welsh public sector buying organisations on Sell2Wales (buyer login required).

Access your Buyer Control Panel >Contract Register (under Organisation)>View Public Contracts>Advanced Search>Type ‘Personal Protective Equipment’ in the ‘Title’ field> Check the box 'Include Collaborative Contracts'>Search

The guidance document can be found within the ‘Documents’ tab on the framework page.