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It’s common for young children to get overwhelmed by big emotions. Their reaction to these emotions can lead to behaviour we may not understand or know how to respond.

Explore our range of resources produced by experts and parents to understand your child’s emotional development, their behaviour and how you can respond to encourage positive behaviour.

Supporting resources

Parenting. Give it Time Take time to model the behaviour you want to see
  Take time to think about how you respond to unwanted or problem behaviour
  Make time for praise 
  Parenting hints and tips
  101 ways to praise a child 
  Supporting and guiding your child’s behaviour 
NSPCC Advice on how to stay calm with the ‘Take 5’ approach
World Health Organisation  Keeping it Positive 
  Bad behaviour
BBC How to promote a sense of CALM at home 
Children’s Commissioner Information Hub for children and  parents 
In Our Place

Parenting courses 

Those in North Wales should use the code NWSOL and those in Mid and South Wales should use the code SWSOL

Cardiff Family Advice and Support

Helping children with their behaviour

How to deal with demanding behaviour

Supporting children with their feelings in uncertain times

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