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Most families have times that are difficult to manage, here are some common parenting concerns and ideas on how to deal with them.

Coping with a crying baby
All babies cry and sometimes it can be hard to cope with. Crying is the only way your baby can tell you what they need.
Tantrums Tantrums
Tantrums are very common in toddlers and younger children. They happen when children are frustrated and stressed.
Coping with a crying toddler Coping with a crying toddler
Just like babies, toddlers cry because they’re hungry, tired, uncomfortable or need your attention.
Bedtime (suitable for 3-5) Bedtime (suitable for 3-5)
Sometimes your child will fall asleep easily and sleep through the night. At other times they will have difficulty falling asleep and will wake in the night.
Bathtime Bath time (suitable birth to age 3)
Bathtime can be a fun and relaxing time and can help your child unwind before bed.
Tips on Tooth brushing Tips on Tooth brushing (suitable 6 months to 5 years)
It's important to keep your child's teeth clean and healthy.
Toilet or potty training Toilet or potty training (suitable from 2 years)
Learning to use the toilet is a big step for your child. Some children take longer than others.
Bed Wetting Bed Wetting (suitable from 3 years)
Bed wetting is generally very common. It generally goes away on it's own.
Keeping your child safe from abuse Keeping your child safe from abuse (suitable for 5-11)
Teach your child and help protect them from abuse.
Shopping Shopping
Going shopping can be an exciting experience for children, and a chance to develop their talking skills by pointing out new and interesting things
Mealtimes Mealtimes (suitable for 1-5)
It isn’t always easy to get the family to sit down to enjoy a meal together. But it is worth the effort.
Biting Biting (suitable 6 months to 3 years)
Most children go through a phase of biting mum, dad or another child.
Tips for coping with Christmas Tips for coping with Christmas
Christmas is an exciting time for children. Sometimes all the excitement can get a bit stressful for you and your child.