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Tips to encourage better behaviour.

‘Give it Time’ – Tips for guiding children’s behaviour ‘Give it Time’ – Tips for guiding children’s behaviour
All children are unique and respond differently. These ideas will encourage positive behaviour and boost your child’s confidence.
Take time to think about how you respond to unwanted or problem behaviour
Even though it may not feel like it, most of the behaviour you think of as naughty is actually normal behaviour for your child’s age.
What kind of Mum or Dad are you?
It can be useful to think about the type of parent you want to be.
Make time to look after yourself and manage stress
It's important to look after yourself as well as your children.
The work–family balancing act
Being a working Mum or Dad can benefit you and your family. A commitment to both work and family can give you a lot of satisfaction in both areas of your life.
Creating a balance between ‘Family Time’ and ‘Screen Time’
Screen time is a way to relax. How can you balance your child’s use of technology with access to family time and interaction?
Helping children deal with bereavement
The death of a parent or close relative is devastating at any age, but grieving the death of mum or dad at a young age is one of the most profound losses a child could face.
Supporting your children when a parent goes to prison
Bringing up a child alone isn’t easy; the pressures are even greater if you are a parent trying to raise a family while your partner is in prison.