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Advice to help you support your child's emotions and behaviour throughout their development.


Practical tips and expert advice

Parenting. Give it Time

Take time to model the behaviour you want to see

Positive behaviour top tips: 8 to 18 years

Top tips for parents with children 8-12 years of age

Supporting advice


Advice on how to stay calm with the ‘Take 5’ approach

Positive Parenting

World Health Organisation 

Keeping it Positive 

Bad behaviour

In Our Place

Parenting courses 

(Those in North Wales should use the code NWSOL and those in Mid and South Wales should use the code SWSOL)

Disclaimer: please note, there are other parenting courses available.

Maudsley charity Families under pressure
Cardiff Parenting Services

Our window of tolerance

Action for Children

Setting Boundaries and Coping with Challenging Behaviour

How your child’s challenging behaviour can affect you

Anger Management

Anger Ladder Chart

What can I do if my child is violent


Family Lives

Positive Discipline

Challenging Behaviour

Arguing with Your Child

Barnardo’s Family Space

Routines and Behaviours


Managing your Child’s Behaviour

Behaviour Management Plan