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This website has been developed by the Welsh Government with the help of a range of organisations and professionals including psychologists, health visitors, academics and parenting experts.

It is not intended to tell parents what to do, but to offer practical parenting information, tips and activities. The information is intended for parents of children from birth to age 5. The website is for mothers, fathers, grandparents, stepparents, non-resident parents and anyone else who has responsibility for raising children.

Every child and every parent is unique and this website is not intended as a set of parenting rules that must be followed. It is intended to give parents ideas so they can make decisions about what can work for their child and family. It aims to help parents to build a positive, healthy relationship with their children.

The information provided is intended to provide general parenting information only and is not a substitute for professional advice. If you have any concerns about your child’s development or behaviour please ask your GP or health visitor for advice.

We encourage feedback and suggestions from parents and professionals on the website in terms of its usefulness. If have any thoughts on how we can improve the site or if you spot any content which needs to be refreshed or links changed, please let us know.