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Cockle fisheries at Traeth Lafan, Traeth Melynog and Red Wharf Bay in North Wales are now open.

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First published:
1 May 2019
Last updated:


Permits to fish for cockles within the fisheries at Traeth Lafan, Traeth Melynog and Red Wharf Bay are being issued.

Those permits have been issued to a restricted number of applicants. They are subject to various conditions. These include adherence to access routes identified on maps accompanying each permit.

These permits are issued pursuant to the Cockles and Mussels (Specified Area)(Wales) Order 2011 on GOV.UK

These fisheries are also subject to all other applicable legal requirements. Gatherers will be required to comply with these requirements.

These include the relevant byelaws of the former North Wales and North Western Sea Fisheries Committee. The byelaws of the former North Western and North Wales Sea Fisheries Committee stand. In the same way as if they were made by Welsh Ministers in a Statutory Instrument. For further information,

The following fisheries will open subject to total allowable catch restrictions as follows:

Please click on the fishery to be directed to the illustrative map on the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS) website.

Before reaching this decision, we undertook environmental assessments for:

  • the relevant European Marine Sites
  • Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

Those assessments concluded opening these fisheries would not adversely affect those protected sites. Advice was also sought regarding the proposed opening from Natural Resources Wales (NRW) on all three fisheries. NRW agreed with the conclusions reached by those environmental assessments.

The Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs has decided the specified cockle fisheries should open. Also that permits for the 2020/2021 gathering season should be issued.

The cockle fisheries at Traeth Lafan, Traeth Melynog and Red Wharf Bay will be closed if or when the total allowable catch has been removed.

Areas open to fishing may consequently be adjusted as the season progresses.

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