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Frequently asked questions and what to do if you are not eligible for the NHS COVID Pass.

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11 November 2021
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My vaccination status record is incorrect

If your vaccination status record is incorrect, please contact your local health board.

My personal details are incorrect

If your personal details are wrong you will need to contact your GP. Your COVID Pass will only show your first forename and surname in line with UK requirements.

I am having issues logging into the NHS system

 For any issues with NHS login contact NHS login help centre

Where do I get my NHS number?

Your NHS number is on your vaccination invitation letter. You can also find your NHS number on the website.

You do not need your NHS number to register for a pass, but it may help.

I have issues accessing my vaccination record because I am not registered with a GP

We are working on a solution for people who are not registered with a GP. We cannot say when this will be available yet.

If you are registered with a GP in England

If you live in Wales but are registered with a GP in England you can access your vaccination record on the NHS COVID Pass.

I cannot get vaccinated for medical reasons

The Welsh Government process for medical exemptions from the COVID Pass does not apply to the Pass for international travel as the entry criteria for the country people are travelling to, is determined by that country and not by the UK.

 Anyone travelling outside the UK should check the criteria for the country they are travelling to before making travel arrangements and again before travelling, as entry requirements may change at short notice. 

I was vaccinated outside the UK

You need to get proof of vaccination from the country where you were vaccinated. Check if you were vaccinated in a country or territory that is on the list of approved vaccination programmes.

We are working with partners on a system that will recognise vaccinations given overseas.

If you received one vaccination in Wales and another one outside the UK

We are working with partners on a system to recognise vaccinations administered outside the UK.

If your vaccine information is not showing on the NHS COVID Pass you may need to show a recent negative lateral flow test result to enter events and venues. Check the entry requirements with the venue.

Vaccine boosters

For international travel, boosters vaccinations will show on the digital and paper NHS COVID Pass.

My NHS COVID pass has a short expiry date

If your NHS COVID Pass has a shorter expiry date (2 days), then you will need to verify your identity.

To do this, visit Get your NHS COVID Pass - NHS ( and you will be asked to verify your identity.

You will need to supply a photograph of your photo ID and a video of yourself.

Clinical vulnerable people who have received a third dose of the vaccine

The digital and paper NHS COVID Pass will now show you have had your third vaccine.

Does my paper NHS COVID Pass have an expiry date

The paper version of the NHS COVID Pass does not have an expiry date. However, you may have to show proof of additional booster vaccines to travel. Boosters are now showing on the digital and paper NHS COVID Pass for international travel.